Friday, August 24, 2018


Dachshunds are great fodder for the artist, meaning that they must be fun to draw and paint since there are so many drawings and paintings of them out there. Below are several of my favorite drawings and/or memes to share with you today. The first one perfectly captures the "joie de vivre" that doxies seem to have when they're enjoying themselves, don't you agree?

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Doxie pool par-tay!

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Have a blessed and enjoyable weekend, doxie lovers. Rest if need be, play if desired, but spend some time with your doxie. They love you so much!

Dachshunds . . . you gotta love 'em!!

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Wednesday, August 22, 2018


I've been featuring different dachshund coats in my series of blog posts: thus far, I've featured longhaired dachshunds and red smooth coat dachshunds--both are beautiful. I've seen owners' personal photos of their beloved pets, and I have enjoyed seeing them A LOT. We doxie lovers LOVE to talk about our fur babies, often pulling out photos even faster than proud grandparents pull out photos of the grandchildren! When we decided to get a doxie years ago, we ALMOST picked out a cream puppy--that litter was so beautiful. But Duke, our beloved black-and-tan doxie was the one for us when we saw him. Although there is no longer a doxie in our home, we do have our feisty granddawg, Sunny--and I don't mind talking about her endlessly, either!

Today, we're featuring the relatively new English cream dachshunds, and it seems fitting to post something about their history, which I have included below:

A Cream Dachshund: The “Bond Girl” of the Dachshund Breed

"Cream dachshunds are very elegant and classy, quite possibly one of the most beautiful dogs ever produced. A cream dachshund generally has long flowing, lovely blond hair. It almost always feels like satin, or a bunny’s fur. Anyone that has ever spent any time with a cream dachshund will tell you that looks are not the only thing special about them. A cream dachshund has an amazingly sweet personality. They are generally calmer and more regal acting than even the best of the longhaired dachshunds. They have an air about them--something that sets them apart: royal with stunning beauty. For years, the price of an English cream dachshund was astronomical. Even the price of having one of these rare beauties imported from some of the most superior dachshund kennels of Europe would require something akin to a second mortgage.  Slowly, through time and rise of popularity amongst the better dachshund breeders in the UK, the English creams are now a little more available to people wanting them for house pets. There are two very different dogs that are both referred to as creams: the English cream dachshund and what breeders have come to call the American cream dachshund. 

 English Cream Dachshund
"As the name would apply, most true English cream dachshunds can be traced back within five generations to a dog of English descent.  They generally range in color from a light pale gold, to a strawberry blond.  They are typically born dark brown and lighten with age. Clear cream dachshunds are born pale cream, almost white. This is a cream dachshund that has no black hairs and cannot have black tips that you so often see on English cream dachshunds.  They call those shaded English cream.  
"The English dachshund breeders played a major hand in 'creating' this type of dachshund by identifying a gene referred to as the chinchilla factor.  Simply put, it’s a close cousin to the dilute gene we use to create blue or Isabella dachshunds. 
"It’s NOT just the color that separates an English cream dachshund from an American cream dachshund.  English creams almost always have bunches of champions and imported dogs in their pedigree, making them very well bred to say the least! Their body structure and head structure are elegant and close to perfection.  Most English cream dachshunds might weigh a pound or two more than our typical American dachshund.  
"The term 'cream dachshund' really refers to two completely different gene pools. I believe that the English cream is produced using the red chinchilla gene and the dilute dachshund is created using the blue chinchilla gene. Let's just say that it took A LOT to be able to produce the amazing English cream dachshund!

American Cream Dachshund

"The American cream is an entirely different matter, with a similar appearance. I would loosely say that this color is more a lighter version of red dachshunds than it is a specific gene. You can put one of them beside an English cream and they are both the same color and have the same black body parts. Most of the smooth creams that you see have piebald in their pedigree, but not all of them." 
 Below are more of these beauties--note the varying shades of cream in them:

Wednesday, August 15, 2018


I recently featured longhaired doxies and received such an outpouring of positive feedback that I've decided to make it a regular feature (that is, until I run out of doxie coat types!).

Today, I'm featuring the beautiful red, smooth coat dachshunds. I suppose I chose this one because my granddawg Sunny "are" one, and like most redheads, she's a feisty one. We wouldn't have her any other way, though. My very first doxie was also a red when I was nine.

Without further ado, here is today's gallery of beautiful reds for your viewing pleasure. If you have a red smooth coat doxie, I invite you to share a photo in the comments below. We'd all love to see your baby!

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And last, but certainly not least:

Dachshunds . . . you gotta love 'em, no matter what color/coat they have!

Monday, August 6, 2018


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Friday, August 3, 2018


If you own or have owned a dachshund for any length of time, you have already discovered the truth in the memes below, probably from firsthand experience! Known as "chow hounds extraordinaire," doxies are, to me at least, merely a nose with legs. I suppose if we humans could smell good eats as well as they do, we might be prone to following our noses like they do. Food already smells way to good to me as it is. 

In any case, here are some "eternal doxie truths" regarding food for your enjoyment today:

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Dachshunds, aka chow hounds extraordinaire . . . but you gotta love 'em! 

Happy weekend, doxie lovers.

Thursday, August 2, 2018


I think that longhaired dachshunds are absolutely gorgeous, although I've never owned one. Hats off to those of you who have one or more, because you probably combat a wigful of hair daily, lol. Maybe not--I don't really know how much they shed, and even if it's a lot, who cares? They're too beautiful to worry about that.

I'm celebrating these beautiful doxies today, so enjoy these pictures--doxies come in just about any color out there!

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These are by no means all of the different shades and mixtures of color in these beautiful doxies. But if you're like me, you love all of them!