Five-star reviews on Amazon: 
 "I AM SARGE is a good read for every dachshund lover and owner" 
February 3, 2013
By Kathleen J. Gordon

"Having 3 dachshunds myself, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Sarge, the dachshund, was the narrator of this story. It reminded me a bit of my own mother and father, now deceased. The author definitely kept my interest."  Georgiemom, July 17, 2014

i love this book, and now I'm hooked and can't wait to read more!!!! Thank you for sharing your wonderful stories with all of us!!  Amazon customer, May 15, 2015

"Will melt your heart!  As a dachshund parent, I was totally smitten with this book. I couldn't wait to see and compare the antics of Sarge with that of my own little clown dogs. A light - hearted story full of comical situations. I loved this book." Nana58, July 13, 2015

Five-star review of I AM DACHSHUND on Christianbook:
"I have two dachshunds and this book had a lot of my own dachshunds' personality; reading this was a joy! I sometimes thought, 'my dogs do that!' and I had to laugh a lot reading this book.  If you own a dachshund get this book. It is written in a true dachshund form--or if you love dogs, it a fun book to read."

Five-star review of DACHSHUNDS FOREVER on Amazon:
"I love the stories in the book Dachshunds Forever. I recently adopted a two year old long hair little girl, doxie. She is so precious. Back in June of 2014 we let our 17 year old handsome male doxie cross the Rainbow Bridge. He was dying of cancer. I miss him so much. Our little girl has really helped go on and turn my sadness into a smile. I love Mavis Duke Hinton books. Anything about dachshunds I love to read about. Mavis books are so easy to read and so very enjoyable. I can not wait until volume 4 comes out."
--Carol Braun

Main page, - March 2012

In 2006, we introduced you to Mavis Duke Hinton and her book I AM SHADOW, a somewhat fictionalized account of her family, told from the point of view of Shadow, a family dachshund. In 2011, we were happy to report that she had continued the saga with I AM DACHSHUND. The two books became the first two of a planned three volumes in a series called The Shadow Adventures.

Well, things happen, and the books are back with new design, new titles and some new material. They are now I AM SARGE and I AM DACHSHUND, and the series is called The Dachshund Escapades. Shadow himself explains it this way: "I'm making my pen name SARGE. People have all sorts of reasons for adopting pen names or stage names – and MY reason is this: my favorite person in the entire world has always been Papa Duke, a real person in my family and a main character in my books. I wanted a way to honor him even more, and the name SARGE, which is short for SERGEANT (the rank which Papa Duke had while serving in the U.S. Army for over 22 years) just seemed like a brilliant way for me to do that. I am thrilled to utilize my pen name in honor of Papa."

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