Wednesday, March 8, 2017


What is your favorite dachshund trait, and what is your least favorite? I have thought about this quite a bit, and have finally decided. Here are some dachshund traits, favorite and least favorite:

Favorite Dachshund Traits/Behaviors

Loving/cuddle bug

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Concerned when human is sick or sad

Least Favorite Dachshund Traits/Behaviors

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Chow hounds--they'll get your food if they can!

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Licking anything and everything

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Excessive barking

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Difficult to housebreak

Image result for dachshunds chewing up something
Chewing up something important

Which is your favorite/least favorite trait of a doxie? After much thought, my dachshund Duke is quite a dawg, and my favorite trait of his is (ta da!) . . . do I have to name only one?? He's loving, a cuddle bug, comical, playful, intelligent, comforting when one of us is sick or sad . . . HE'S WONDERFUL!

My LEAST favorite trait of Duke's is . . . EXCESSIVE BARKING! He'll bark at a speck of dust floating by--a car on our street--opening/closing of a drawer--to get me to cook dinner, etc.

He is also stubborn, but he's still so comical he makes me laugh every single day. 

Image may contain: dog and indoor
Duke in a pensive moment

Fortunately, he isn't a digger, he's stubbornly housebroken (he won't shut up until someone lets him out--even in the rain), he doesn't chew on important things (except the occasional Kleenex). 

What about your doxie?

Dachshunds . . . you gotta love 'em, bad traits and all.

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