Monday, March 23, 2015


I love dachshunds of all ages, but there's just a special place in my heart for doxie PUPPIES!  The innocence in those little faces, the way they run, their curiosity, those cute little barks--I love everything about them.  Therefore, I proclaim today as DOXIE PUPPY DAY on this blog--dachshunds one year old or younger.

We adopted Duke at eight weeks of age, so here are some of his baby pictures--Duke is introduced in I AM DACHSHUND, Book 2 of THE DACHSHUND ESCAPADES:

"Are you gonna take me home?"

A scared little puppy going home

"I own the place now!"

And, here are some other lovable doxie puppies:

"We iz cute!"

"Where is Mama?  Is she coming back?"

The innocence of sleep

"What is this green stuff I'm sitting on?"

"No!  I don't believe it"

"Sunbathing is healthy"

Precious mama and baby

"Don't bother me--I'm thinking"

"Geez--I'm about to trip over these ears"

A trio of cuteness

"C'mon--you know you want to give me that treat" 


"Say what??"

Basketful of love



"I am sooooo tired"

Dachshunds . . . you gotta love em--no matter what age they are!

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