Friday, January 2, 2015


Honestly, I don't know where 2014 went.  It just came and blasted on past me, I guess.  There were some memorable things this year, and here are the highlights:

January 22:  Shadow's 13th birthday (our doxie granddawg) - he'll be 14 in just a few weeks!

February 4:  I had my first knee replacement surgery.  OUCH.  Family and friends from church visited, brought and/or cooked food, sent cards, called, and generally took care of Clark and me in an extraordinary way!

Daughter Holly's birthday!

March:  Asher's fourth birthday!

April:  Nothing significant

May 20:  I had my second knee replacement surgery.  Knowing what to expect got me through this one a lot easier.  In fact, my right leg didn't swell like the left one did.  See final sentence in February statement.

Annika's tenth birthday!

June:  Duke's seventh birthday on the 28th!

July:  Finished up physical therapy.

Clark's birthday AND my brother Steve's birthday on July 4!

Kurt and Bethany's 12th wedding anniversary!

August:  Son-in-law Kurt's birthday

September:  Nothing significant

October 17:  the anniversary of the first time Clark and I met:  1968!

November:  Son-in-law Philip's birthday, Alexa's birthday, and my birthday!
And, of course, Thanksgiving

December:  Daughter Bethany's birthday!

Our anniversary on the 20th - we were married in 1970

Holly & Philip's 14th wedding anniversary!
And, of course, Christmas!

What a wonderful year it has been.  We look forward to 2015.

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