Monday, September 15, 2014


I'm excited to announce that the long-awaited Book 3, DACHSHUNDS FOREVER, will be released in a matter of weeks. 

The cover is still in the tweaking stage, but it does it catch one's eye.

The featured doxies are my own granddawg Shadow (upon whom the doxie "author" Sarge is based), and my beloved doxie Duke.  Handsome, aren't they? 

The smaller photos on the cover represent an adventurous trip out West that these two precocious guys took in a motor home (with some of their humans, of course).  You'll love reading about what and whom they encountered along the way, written in Sarge's own entertaining doxie style.

Book 4, A DACHSHUND'S TRIBUTE, will follow closely behind this book's release.  Therefore, you might be able to get both on Amazon before Christmas! 

**Stay tuned for updates**

If you haven't yet read the first two books of the series, go ahead and get your copies now by clicking on the BOOKS link at the top of this blog--you'll then be ready for DACHSHUNDS FOREVER when it comes out.

Dachshunds . . . you gotta love 'em.

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