Thursday, June 5, 2014


Hello doxie lovers,

This is Duke, Mavis Duke Hinton's dachshund.

If you have read I AM DACHSHUND, I am introduced in that book, the second one of THE DACHSHUND ESCAPADES series.

I am writing on her behalf to let you know that she is still recuperating from her second knee replacement surgery--but she asked me to tell you that she'll be back soon, blogging away!

From my observation (and doxies are master observers, you know), she is getting along so much better than she did with her first knee surgery.  Why, she was able to do things for herself when she first came home, unlike the first time, when my human daddy Clark had to help her up from her recliner, etc.  And this time, her leg is hardly swollen at all!  Oh, if I forget and jump up on her lap on the right side, she lets me know right away to move away from her sore leg.  But I caught on pretty fast and don't do that anymore.

I like to stay close by her, though.  I want to do everything I can to help her get well so she will feel like playing with me again!  Daddy does sometimes, but all humans know that there's just nobody like mama, be they human or canine.

She got her 51 staples out on Monday, and I heard her tell Daddy that they did hurt somewhat, but she was glad to have them gone because they pulled sometimes.

She asked me to tell everyone that she'll be back soon, and to please check this blog for updates.  Don't forget to stop by now and then!

Until then, just remember that she is making good progress and is able to walk very well, but not very far yet, because she gets too tired.  She has already started outpatient therapy three days a week, and that will help her build up her stamina.

Thanks for reading this from me, and she'll be back soon!


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