Thursday, February 18, 2021


Doxie lovers,

Humans are really acting weird, and have been for about a year now. Mom and Dad have just started back to work, and my human siblings only go to school now and then. What gives?

Everybody has been really grumpy. I was happy they were all home with me at first, because I was sure to get lots of attention and treats. And I did--for awhile. My siblings played with me, did endless hours of fetch, and "almost" got annoying. For a doxie to say that, you gotta believe it was bad!

But there have been some downsides to all of this covid stuff. I understand it's something kinda like the
flu, but much worse. And my humans are supposed to get some kind of shot that will keep them from getting covid. I sincerely hope I don't have to get it, because I've gotten enough shots at the vet already, and I don't like them at all!

I often catch my humans just sitting by the window, looking out. I do that a lot, but humans don't, usually. I'll go up to him or her and offer them a doggie kiss, which usually causes them to smile and rub my ears, then they go back to staring out the window. They somehow seem sad to me, but I don't know how to make them feel better if a doggie kiss doesn't do the trick.

I hear that things will be getting better real soon, and I sure hope so. I want my humans back like they used to be. 

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