Wednesday, July 5, 2017


For the Fourth, our family did what most American families do: we had a cookout and watched fireworks. However, we also celebrated my hubby's birthday--yep, he was "born on the Fourth of July" (didn't they make a movie in his honor, haha?)

We had the cookout at our house, and our daughter brought little granddawg Sunny along. Oh, she's so cute and playful. Our doxie Duke wasn't too thrilled with the youngster following him around and biting him in the posterior, though. She stayed so busy exploring, and we all stayed busy seeing what she was up to!

Neither dog was fond of the firework boomies (as most dogs), because we're only a half mile from our town green where all the festivities were. The rest of the family went up there, but us old fogies stayed home with the doggies. Not only could we see and hear the fireworks from our house, but around the neighborhood and beyond the woods, others also set off their own fireworks. The dogs were scared, but we each held one and comforted them as best we could.

Image may contain: dog and indoor
Sunny was so tired that she snoozed all
the way home

Dachshunds . . . you gotta love 'em

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