Monday, June 8, 2015


Our son-in-law Philip is having open heart surgery on June 16 to remove an aortic root aneurysm and replace his aortic valve.  In the picture above, Philip's aneurysm is located where the aorta enters the heart. Although this surgery is classified by his doctor as "routine," it does not seem so when it involves a family member!

Philip will be on the heart bypass machine during the surgery, for approximately four hours.  The doctors will then restart his heart.  *gulp*

We have committed Philip to God--after all, as a Christian, he is under God's care at all times.  We must trust Him to take care of Philip and guide the doctors as they perform this surgery.

Philip will be having a heart catheterization tomorrow (Tuesday, June 9) in preparation for his upcoming surgery.  He will be in the hospital for about four hours.

My husband and I will be taking care of the grandchildren both tomorrow and during/after the surgery next week.  Our daughter Bethany is flying in from Arizona this Sunday to help, and many
friends from their church and other family members are providing childcare, food, financial provision, and support during this time.  Philip will be in the hospital about a week after the surgery, with at least a month of recuperation.

Yes, this is serious surgery.  My uncle, age 83, had the same surgery several decades ago and got along fine.  I am certain the medical profession has perfected the procedure since then, too.

God is in control, and I thank you for remembering our family during this time.  If I don't post very often over the next few weeks, I am sure you understand.  In any case, our family is in this together, and we are trusting God through it all.

Philip, Holly, Alexa, Asher, Annika

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