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As most of you know, I love dachshunds, and I love all of them.  I'm a tad partial to the smooth and long haired coats, and the black and tan and red colors.  But there's beauty in all of them!  I didn't include photos of every kind of mixed pattern, because that would end up being a book instead of a blog post.

Enjoy!  Information about the different patterns are at the end of this post.



Here's information on the patterned doxie coats, courtesy of


Dachshunds also come in different coat patterns.
There are two main types of dapple coat patterns in dachshunds; single dapple and double dapple. A single dapple coat includes a darker base color and a lighter top coat. A double dapple coat is like a single dapple, except there are white spots on the coat as well. Dapple dachshunds can have any of the AKC accepted colors, and they may also have a white spot on their chest. 
Piebald: The piebald coat is not recognized by the AKC, but true piebald dachshunds have solid, white spots on top of their coat’s base color, have white at the tip of their tail, and do not have blue eyes. The spots on a piebald dachshund should never be a mixed color.  
Brindle: Brindle dachshunds are a solid color (usually red) with dark stripes over the coat that closely represent a tiger’s coat pattern. In chocolate coats, the stripes are chocolate, whereas in red dachshunds the stripes are black.
Sable: Sable dachshunds are considered rare and are often times confused with red dachshunds.  A sable coat contains hair that is two different colors; the part of the hair that is closest to the dog’s body is the lighter color and the tips of the hair are the darker red. coats.

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