Sunday, November 23, 2014


I personally don't know why book reviews are so important these days, but they are.  Perhaps some readers won't purchase a particular book without reading the reviews associated with it, but then, it is a personal thing.  What I like might not be what you like.  And I usually look for genre, the synopsis, and the book cover rather than reading reviews myself.

With that said, my rule of thumb for leaving a book review on Amazon:  I try to stay as positive as possible.  It is fine to not like a particular book, genre, etc., but not fine to personally attack an author.  If I cannot leave a positive review, then I just don't leave a review at all.  Amazon will not remove negative reviews, so such can hound an author for many, many years--I know that my first edition of my first book was not as well written as my latest books, and a negative review of the first one might "poison the well" for others to even read the rest of the books in the series.

So, I ask that you think twice before leaving that negative review!

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