Tuesday, September 2, 2014


 These are the cats in our family, besides our two dachshunds, Shadow and Duke.  Since our doxies must deal and interact with these felines, I felt it was fitting to write about them.

Tate, Joey, and Winston are the three cats owned by Bethany and Kurt, our daughter and son-in-law who live in Arizona.  Neither Shadow nor Duke has ever met these three, although Sarge the doxie writes about them in THE DACHSHUND ESCAPADES series, and his encounter with the Fuzz Brothers, also known as Tate ("Fuzz Ball") and Joey ("Slick").

Tate and Joey

Winston, the baby in his cat family

Piper, Aslan, and Winston live in Shadow's family with the three grandchildren, and at age 13, he is affectionately known as the big brother by all family members. 

Piper and Aslan
Thor, the newest and youngest kitty, doesn't quite no what to make of Duke when we visit them.  All Duke wants to do is to play with Thor, like he did with Piper when they were both youngsters.  However, with Duke's loud bark, Thor keeps his distance, although he does swipe at Duke's nose when Duke gets too close to him.  One of these days, Thor's claws will connect with Duke's nose, and our dawg will gain considerable intelligence about felines.

 I don't believe that Thor is afraid of Duke at all--that is one kitten who is afraid of nothing--but Duke's loud bark deafens Thor momentarily, and he does not like it.

Thor, the newest kitty
Dachshunds, kitties, whatever--we all love our pets and enjoy them so much!

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