Sunday, December 1, 2013


This picture is cute, funny, and so typically doxie!  However, it serves as an important reminder to keep our human treats out of reach from our short-legged fur children.  As we all know, their noses have minds of their own when it comes to food, and doxies don't always make healthy digestive decisions (nor do I, for that matter).

And don't be fooled by those short legs--Duke once grabbed a piece of toast off my breakfast plate--and it was on the kitchen counter!  I had set it too close to the edge, never thinking he could actually reach that plate; he could see it, so the rest is history!  It amazed us that he could jump that high.  Food is the great motivator, apparently.

With all the cooking and baking over the holidays, those sweets are bad for our doxies, especially chocolate, and even artificial sweeteners.  I won't include the long list of foods they shouldn't have, but some are life-threatening to dogs, so it's a great idea to keep those cookies, doughnuts, candies, etc. in airtight containers, even on a dining table. 

Duke has also been known to jump into a chair that someone left out when leaving the table, so all he had to do was jump a little farther to get onto that table.  I saw him from the kitchen and immediately got him down, thankfully.  Not only would he have eaten something that might have been bad for him, but he might have jumped off the table directly to the floor and hurt his back.

Merry Christmas, doxie lovers--and let's keep our doxies safe.

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