Thursday, September 26, 2013


Duke, as anyone who visits this blog knows, is quite a dawg.  Someone asked me the other day how old he was, and was quite surprised when I replied that he is six.  The friend commented that Duke still looks and acts like a happy puppy! 

We tend to agree, because he IS a wonderful pet.  He's definitely a "people dog" - and he just won't stay in a room by himself, either.  He still loves to play, whether it is a game of tug of war (and I usually lose because that dawg is strong!), or fetch (but he still doesn't want to give me his toy--he likes to drop it about an inch out of my reach, and grabs it just before I can reach it!).  If I am in the home office, he comes in there and relaxes while I am on the computer; if in the living room, he relaxes on the couch; and most of all, if we are in the kitchen, THAT is his favorite room in the house and he immediately trots in there, hoping for a morsel of people food.

I always say that he is 200% doxie, too.  He has all of the breed's best traits (loving, comical, loyal, intelligent, playful), as well as a couple of those that humans don't seem to enjoy (stubbornness, loud bark).  We don't care, however.  He's quite a force to be reckoned with, you know!

As a young puppy, just a few months of age

"Big" dog now - pic taken this week


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