Tuesday, January 21, 2020


I think it's safe to say that dachshunds are definitely food driven. You'd think they're all starving all the time, 24/7. I've often wondered how much they'd eat at any given time if we just let 'em at it so they could eat all they wanted. They'd probably die from stuffing themselves!

That's why we, as their owners/parents, have to save them from themselves. We all know that they don't always make good digestive choices: if something smells good, in it goes, down the hatch. I must say in their defense that their noses rule the day. I mean, if we could smell food as well as they can (remember, the doxie nose is thousands of times more sensitive than ours is), then we might be more prone to stuff ourselves, too.

Here are some case-in-point doxies:

Image may contain: people sitting
"You gonna eat that? Huh? Can I have some? Huh?
Image may contain: dog, possible text that says 'When your owner says they are all out of treats'

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"Look! He's getting ready to take another bite!"

I never met a dog who didn't like spaghetti

Enjoy your dog, but do save him/her from getting overweight and thus straining their long backs.
Have a great day, doxie lovers!

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