Friday, May 6, 2016


COVER REVEAL! My new book, DACHSHUNDS, LAUGHS, AND RANTS, will be released this month!
Although nonfiction, it HAS to include pieces about our beloved dachshunds, right?
From the back cover:

"We all have annoying times, and this little book is for those moments when we need a break from it all. Composed of short pieces ranging from encouragement to humor (and everything in between), there truly is something for everyone within its pages.

"Dog lover? Great ! There’s a section about the dachshunds Ms. Hinton has owned, complete with their antics and unconditional love. Need some commiseration for annoyances you’ve suffered? Then you’ve come to the right place as well. Ranging from exasperating experiences with customer service to pet peeves we all grit our teeth over, you’ll find yourself smiling about “the human condition” common to us all. And for those difficult times of sorrow, discouragement, or despair, Ms. Hinton shares how her Christian faith has personally sustained and uplifted her during such times.

"At some point, the spirited content of this little book will spur readers to take it off the shelf again and read it anew."

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