Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Just ask my family!  Even a snippet of a conversation can be attributed to a character in a book, and not necessarily the same person who spoke the words.

I've used all sorts of scenarios and "pieces of life" in my books:  a humorous gift, a comment, a location, a funny happening, and so on.  For instance, grandson Asher didn't tell Sarge the doxie that Sarge was a baby, but actually said it to one of his playmates.  The comment just seemed to fit the situation.

I've overheard things complete strangers have said, and I've made mental notes of them, often including such.

Therefore, it's a good idea never to say anything you don't want repeated.  You never know who is listening!  Privacy is a thing of the past in today's world anyway.  Phone conversations, texts, emails, Facebook "private" messages--do you really think nobody else reads/listens??

Big Brother has turned out to be technology!
"The good old days" - I'd much rather have computers and smart phones!

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