Friday, July 11, 2014


One thing I have in common with dachshunds:  I enjoy sleeping (almost) as much as they do!  Oh, I don't think I could nap just anytime or any place like they do, however.

"It's a dog's life" can be construed to mean a good life OR a bad life, according to what is meant at the time.  For humans with insomnia, it would be interpreted as a good thing, given that dogs can (and do) fall asleep quite easily.  For humans with too much work to do and not enough time to get it
done, it could mean a bad thing--but I've never seen a dog actually work himself all that hard, have you?

Our Duke likes to sleep on a human's lap, and he's just about too long for small laps, like the grandchildren's.  He likes to join me in my recliner, a soft, memory foam-covered large chair that's like floating on a cloud, and I've spent many an hour sleeping blissfully in it myself.  After my two knee surgeries this year, I've had to sleep in that chair for several weeks rather than the bed, because my knees hurt too much when I tried to turn over.  And good ol' Duke has been happy to join me.

And watching Duke sleep is interesting:  he looks so peaceful and innocent.  Nothing there to indicate that devil dawg who wants me to throw his ball, but consistently drops it a few inches too far for me to reach!  If I do manage to get my hand close enough to pick it up, he's always too quick for me,  snatching it up with a triumphant twinkle in his eye.

My dog brings life and laughter into our home because he's just downright hilarious at times--dachshunds have a strong sense of play. 

And that is the kind of dog's life we doxie lovers understand.

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