Monday, April 28, 2014


These dachshund puppies are undoubtedly cute, don't you agree?  Although I favor black and tans (our Duke and our granddawg Shadow are both such), all of them are lovable, and I know people who prefer the long-haired variety or the wire-haired type.

I like the smooth coat because it is easy to care for and doesn't shed a lot.  I've seen beautiful cream, gray, brown, and mixed color dachshunds that I would just love to hug!  No matter what color or coat they have, I've found that all dachshunds have those same facial expressions--they know how to look pitiful, happy, perplexed, and cute.

The black-and-tan doxie in the picture looks a lot like Duke did as a puppy.  Below are a couple of photos of him; the first one is at eight weeks when we first brought him home, and the second is a few weeks later (I believe he was three months old):

"Where are you guys taking me??  I want my mama"

"I now own the place--I'm the center of the universe!"

Dachshunds rule!

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