Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Unfortunately, the above scenario is all too true in many homes with dachshunds.  Yes, they are stubborn, and yes, they are somewhat difficult to housebreak.
When we brought Duke into our home at eight weeks of age, of course he didn't have a clue about why I took him outside just about every hour of the day.  In fact, he'd often wait until we came back in and then "let go" on the living room rug!  We have hardwoods--why couldn't he have done his business on the floors instead of the rug?  It would be so much easier to clean up.
It was fortunate that we got him in the summer, so I didn't mind taking him outside that often.  After a while, he began to catch on, and if memory serves me correctly, he was well housebroken by age four months--I was proud of my hard work.  And it has definitely paid off:  he WILL NOT go in the house at all.  He will worry us to death until we do let him out.  Of course, sometimes he wants to also chase squirrels, geese, cats, or what have you--but it's worth waiting for him since he's been such a good boy about doing what he's supposed to do, where he's supposed to do it!
If you're having a hard time housebreaking your doxie, take heart--your persistence WILL pay off. 
Duke:  "Of course I would never
go in the house!"

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