Friday, February 28, 2014

I'M B-A-A-A-CK . . . SORT OF

Doxie lovers, I did have my knee replacement surgery on February 4.  However, I also picked up a virus of some kind afterwards, with nausea, fever, chills, and misery. 

Came home from the hospital and was doing fine with my in-home physical therapy, although the low-grade fever has continued to plague me--I'm told that's not unusual after surgery.

On Saturday night, Feb. 22, I began having excruciating pain in my leg, almost to the point of being unbearable.  Clark called the rescue squad and they took me to the ER.  After tests, X-rays, and a scan, they determined that nothing was wrong with my new knee (I was afraid something had come loose--that's how badly it hurt).  I was suffering from muscle spasms!  I never knew such could hurt that badly.

They put me on strong painkillers and muscle relaxers, and sent me home.  I could hardly put any weight on that leg for the next couple of days because the muscles were so sore.

Followed up with my ortho doctor on Monday to have my staples removed, and he said that some patients do develop those spasms after surgery (oh, lucky me!).  They can come and go, and I sincerely hope they have "come and gone."

I begin outpatient physical therapy on Monday.  I am making progress, but it is difficult for me to sit at my computer very long with my leg down (I don't have a laptop).  So I will try to get back to visiting with you as often as I can as I progress back to normalcy.

I am doing better at this writing.  Duke has been my constant companion, staying as close to me as he possibly can, and I don't know what I would have done without my dear hubby Clark.  He truly is an angel.  Blessings to all!

My dear Duke staying by my side

Monday, February 3, 2014


I'm having keen replacement surgery tomorrow, Feb. 4 - I'll be in the hospital for three days.

I will return to posting on this blog as soon as I am able to do so!

Your prayers are appreciated :).

Sunday, February 2, 2014


One of the things I love about writing fiction is that I can pull from all my own experiences, conversations, people I've met or watched, and can even insert a phrase I heard that I found particularly interesting or humorous.  And, I can attribute such to any character I choose!

My books (thus far) are about my family, and although every single detail in them is not factual, much of the events, circumstances, and people are from my life. 

So . . . my family knows I'll use them, and I've heard the grandchildren say some really funny things!
Of course, in THE DACHSHUND ESCAPADES, Sarge the dachshund relates what he sees and hears.  Therefore, everything in the books have to happen with Sarge as a witness, participant, or be within earshot of his doggie ears.  Makes things interesting to do that :).

If you missed my last post, I will be having knee replacement surgery on Tuesday.  I'll return to this blog as soon as I am able to sit properly without too much discomfort.

"Hope your knee gets well soon!"