Sunday, January 12, 2014


Have you ever had a dog toy that lasted very long with your doxie(s)?  Well, neither have I!  Both Shadow (our granddawg) and Duke believe it is their mission in life to "kill" a squeak toy as quickly as possible by rendering the squeak . . . well, squeakless.  They shake the toy to death, throw it up in the air, grab it again, and if necessary (which it usually is), tear it to shreds.  I've often said that I'm glad our doxies are small dogs, because they are vicious when going after said toys!
Actually, the teddy bear in the photo with Duke isn't exactly HIS teddy bear--it really belongs to our grandson Asher, and Duke happened upon it one morning when Asher had left it within Duke's reach. If one looks closely, it is obvious to any doxie lover that Duke is just starting to nibble at that teddy's ear, and that's a sure sign that Duke on his way to destroying Mr. Teddy!

And if I get up the courage to put an old sock on my hand, Duke perks up, immediately ready to "get" the hand.  He absolutely loves it if I pretend to "bite" him with that socked hand, and you have never heard such growling and seen such tail wagging in your life!  I usually put on two socks, thus protecting the hand from Duke's sharp teeth.  He doesn't connect the fact that it is MY HAND under there, but rather, a really interesting and interactive toy that he aims to conquer.  Geez.

 Back to the teddy bear:  we managed to rescue him before Duke really got into tearing him to shreds. To non-doxie owners, that's just something doxies like to do.  I will say that Duke is NOT a vicious dog, bent on destroying everything in his path.  He never chews on anything important--he never even bites--but as I stated above, he simply cannot resist the socked hand. 

I'm definitely going to put my silicone oven glove under the sock next time, though.

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