Sunday, January 26, 2014


How to wake up with a sore neck

 What is it about couches that dogs love so much?  Every dachshund I've ever known always liked the couch as his/her special domain, and the pictures below attest to that fact. 
Why do you think doxies choose the couch above other pieces of furniture, such as recliners?  And I've observed that they love to lie in between the cushions rather than on a cushion (usually).   They also like to lie on top of their humans.
Some doxies are also arm sitters (of couches); some like a certain end, while others want the center.  Some even prefer to lay their heads on the arm.
In any case, many also like to be covered up with a blanket--either their own or anyone else's.  They are burrowers, after all.
Dachshunds--you gotta love 'em!
"Humans are almost as soft as a couch"
"Don't even ask . . ."
"One must learn to sleep however one can"

"Couch takeover!"

"Between the cushions is
my favorite spot"

"Hey, don't sit down!  I was
just getting ready to nap!"

"What a crazy couch!  Which end should I take??"

"Ahhh.  A couch arm is the perfect pillow"

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