Sunday, September 1, 2013


Since it is now September, I hear wailings and disappointment from so many about summer waning, with fall just around the corner.  The doxie above certainly seems to enjoy summer and the beach, given the fact that his nose is covered in sand!

I am one who happens to love the fall season with the nip in the air, the colorful leaves, clear sunshine, and so many more things:  the anticipation of the family birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays to come!  In our family, we have an anniversary in September, a birthday in October, three in November, and one in December, along with two anniversaries--not to mention Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.  So, we stay pretty busy the last half of the year. 

My late mother's birthday was in December, the SAME DAY as our youngest daughter Bethany's.  It will be a bittersweet birthday for her this year--and for the rest of us as well.

In any case, I am thankful for the beautiful seasons of the year, with each one having special things that are enjoyable.  My husband just retired from teaching last year, and although I still teach part-time online, it seems odd when we see school buses on the road and we aren't in the classroom.  The first few weeks are always crazy, but fun, and enjoyable getting to know new students and catching up with former students.

Yes, summer is on its way out--but exciting times are coming the rest of the year.  The Lord has given us so much beauty to enjoy all year long!

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