Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Friday, July 22, 2016


Today marks the birthday of my late dad, known to readers as Papa Duke in THE DACHSHUND ESCAPADES books. He left us on October 21, 2000, and life hasn't been the same since!

We miss your robust laugh, your guitar music, your harmonica tunes, and funny stories that livened up every family gathering; we miss watching your big, muscular hands working in your beloved garden and preparing delicious food; and, we miss your generous heart that loved us all unconditionally. Despite your rough childhood, you loved life and you loved your family.

Dogs adored you, and to me, that's the best character reference of all.

Happy birthday, Dad! We know heaven is much sweeter because you're there, but we surely miss you down here. We will see you again one day.

Thursday, July 21, 2016


Purple seems a fitting color for dachshunds, don't you agree? A very special breed of dog, doxies definitely think outside the box. They will take on dogs three times their size, they offer their opinions (whether bidden to do so or not) on a variety of subjects, and never pass up a chance for good human food.

If that's not royal, I don't know what is.

Dachshunds . . . you gotta love 'em, egos and all.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Wouldn't you love to know what doxies REALLY think of humans?
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Get Sarge's book today!

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Tuesday, July 12, 2016


"I'd love to bring you a bacon cheeseburger with a side of bacon/cheese fries, right? And how 'bout for dessert, a cheesecake with bacon crumbles? No? Okay, then--what about a bacon and cheese quiche? A bacon salad, and hold the veggies?"

Dachshunds . . . you gotta love these chow hounds!

Monday, July 11, 2016


Granddawg Shadow with his human "sister" Annika

Those who know me already know that my granddawg Shadow (age 15) was my inspiration for writing THE DACHSHUND ESCAPADES books. So many zany things have happened in my family that I wanted to write about them, but I also wanted to include something about Shadow. Since I was always telling my family what Shadow was thinking (judging from his body language and facial expressions), they urged me to write a book from his viewpoint. The rest, as they say, is history.

Our daughter Holly and son-in-law Philip brought this eight-week-old black-and-tan puppy by our house one evening, and our family has never been the same since! He's their oldest "child" now, and big brother to the three grandchildren (ages six, ten, and twelve), three kitty brothers, and the newest addition to his family, Bruno the white boxer. 

Clark and I adopted our doxie Duke nine years ago from the same breeder (not to worry, she was AKC certified), and OUR home has never been the same since, either. Duke is introduced in I AM DACHSHUND, Book 2 of the series.

Duke: "You gonna eat that?"

Shadow cannot see or hear as well as he used to, but he's still got some spunk left--if Bruno is a bit too rambunctious, Shadow has no trouble telling the young whippersnapper to calm down! Bruno, by the way, is two years old.

Dachshunds . . . you gotta love 'em.

Bruno--look at that sweet face!

Friday, July 8, 2016


Most folks really enjoy summer, and dachshunds are no exception (well, they THINK they're humans, too!). Below is a montage of doxies doing various summery activities. I could have added a lot more, but this post would be a mile long! I'll do  part two next week.

In any case, enjoy these doxies' shenanigans:

The Sunglasses Quartet

Ridin' the waves

That smile says it all!


Expert lickers sharing a popsicle

Dachshunds . . . you gotta love 'em.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016


I hope you had a wonderful July 4 on Monday! We did. It also happened to be my husband Clark's birthday, so we celebrated that as well. Here are a few photos of our day:

Clark with our daughter Holly

Holly, Philip, and the grands

Clark's cake made by Holly

Holly and moi

We had a wonderful day. They came early afternoon, we had a traditional cookout, cake, and fellowship, then fireworks in our town that evening. Our town uses our church parking lot to set off fireworks (since it is on Main Street in the center of town), so the church provided fun activities for families that evening as well: bouncy houses, food trucks, train rides, etc. Since we can see the fireworks from our house, Clark and I opted to stay home and watch them (it was so hot still, and I cannot handle the heat OR the mosquitoes). The kids had such a wonderful time at the celebration.

They brought our doxie granddawg Shadow with them, so during the fireworks (which could easily be heard from our house), both dogs barked incessantly--my least favorite part of the day, of course. Any dog lover knows that dogs can't help barking at loud noises.

Shadow and Duke, our barkers

Clark had a great birthday, and we enjoyed honoring him, the patriarch of our family! The only thing missing was Kurt and Bethany, who are currently on their RV trip and are in Denver. We'll see them this fall.

We are in the peak of summer here in Georgia, with the humidity that goes along with it. The weather has been beautiful, though! 

Until next time . . .